Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

I'll be writing my legislators about this in the morning. According to a New York Times Editorial a proposed piece of legislation will make it illegal for someone to circulate any
"in any manner prejudicial to the safety or interest of the United States,” any classified information “concerning the human intelligence activities of the United States.”
This law will effect librarians. As Geoffry R. Stone writes further down"it would plainly violate the First Amendment to punish anyone who might publish or otherwise circulate the information after it has been leaked." So, any library which provide information that's already public, or any librarian who directs a patron to find say a Wikileaks cable will effectively have violated federal law. While in all likelihood such a law wouldn't stand a constitutional test given recent supreme court rulings, it could cause a chilling effect.

The information published by organizations like wikileaks all ready enjoys a marginalized and tenuous existence. Yet, that information can be some of the most important information to scholars, policy makers, and the general public. We should be taking steps to protect it. Regardless of our institutional reaction to curating such documents, librarians must protect our rights to disseminate such information. If we falter here its a short road to the letting the government in our stacks to tell us what we can and can't let patrons read.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

A partial inventory of my books

I've been repacking all the books I left at my parents house before I went to South Carolina. Wow, there are a lot of books. Below is a list of what books I have they are organized into by box. There are typos. * indicates owned but not read. Enjoy.

Box Inventory
  1. Bright Star *
  2. Darkness Visible
  3. Norwegian Wood
  4. Politics of fear*
  5. Caves of steal*
  6. Welcome to the Terror dome
  7. Escapement
  8. Catch 22
  9. Shades of death *
  10. Foucault’s Pendulum*
  11. Death is a lonely Business
  12. Dr. Jeckel and Mr. Hyde, Dracula, and Frankenstein *
  13. Dandelion wine *
  14. Jonathan Strange, and Mr. Norrell
  15. God of Clocks *
  16. The Difference Engine *
  17. Lords of the Sky
  18. The princess bride
  19. We
  20. Skid Road
  21. Poems from Sanskrit
  22. Selected Writings of Ralph Waldo Emerson, signet classics, diary excerpts
  23. Starship troopers
  24. Acts of aggression
  25. The Court of air,
  26. Wicked *
  27. MASH
  28. Kingdom Beyond the Waves
  29. The Scar
  30. Mainspring
  31. Stardust
  32. Shadowplay
  33. The destroyer
  34. Pay check
  35. In the evil hours *
  36. Fires *
  37. Zen and the art of Writing *
  38. The Stranger
  39. Peter’s Quotation
  40. Spin
  41. Pedrido Street Station
  42. The Taquacores
  43. Iron Angel *
  44. How to wind Friends and influence people *
  45. The lost art of walking *
  46. Love is a mixed tape
  47. Ripped*
  48. No Country for old men*
  49. Heft on wheels
  50. Perfume
  51. 25th hour*
  52. Survival in Auschwitz
  53. The wasp Factory*
  54. Library Wars 1, 2*, 3*
  55. The angel Maker *
    1. The Magicains
    2. Farenheit 451
    3. Please Kill me
    4. Someone comes to down, Someone Leaves town
    5. The Rebel
    6. Gun, With Occasional Music
    7. The Hours *
    8. Objective Liberal Scholarship *
    9. The Elephant Vanishes *
    10. First as Tragedy, then as farce *
    11. A wild sheep chase
    12. Depressiona Era Economics*
    13. Galipolli
    14. Shanghaied *
    15. Trust us We’re experts *
    16. In Pharos Army *
    17. What I Talk about when I talk about running
    18. The rider
    19. The Plague
    20. China Underground
    21. The poetics of space *
    22. The Night in Question
    23. Sex Drugs and Coco puffs
    24. Existentialism *
    25. Dreams of my father
    26. The English Pacient
    27. Prince of tides
    28. Little Brother
    29. The Cellist of Sarajevo
    30. Bomb the Suburbs
    31. Stuff Happens
    32. When the 9’s roll over
    33. The art of racing in the rain
    34. High Fidelity
    35. On liberty
    36. The Communist Manifesto

    1. American Hardcore
    2. LD Debate Manual
    3. Contemporary Rhetorical Theory
    4. 501 books to read before you die *
    5. How to DJ
    6. Communicating at Work
    7. Outlaw Bible of American Literature
    8. Childhood Cancer Survivors guide *
    9. Boneshaker
    10. Peoples history of the United States
    11. How I became a famous author *
    12. Child of an anceinty city
    13. Gorilla art book
    14. Poetry books
    15. Knots
    16. Pocket atlas, dictionary, and german dictionary
    17. The Buck book*

  1. Quiet Please
  2. World war Z
  3. Emergency Sex and Other desperate measures
  4. Plants and Empire
  5. A spot of bother *
  6. Appetite for Destruction *
  7. Unseen Academicals *
  8. Architecture of Happiness*
  9. People’s History of the Supreme Court
  10. This book is overdue
  11. The city and the city
  12. Kapital *
  13. Collected Writings of Ralph Waldo Emerson, Harvard Classic
  14. Wired for War *
  15. Collected poems of W.B. Yeats *
  16. You don’t have to be evil to work hear but it helps *
  17. Jailbird *
  18. Shadow Rise *
  19. Violence *
  20. The case for books*
And a new box
  1. Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom
  2. A boy should know how to tie a tie*
  3. Jeopardy
  4. The Teachings of Buddha*
  5. A very short introduction to the new deal and the great depression*
  6. A very short introduction to citizenship*
  7. Guns, germs and Steal
  8. Shadowplay
  9. that's the joint: a hip-hop reader
  10. Land of the Blind
  11. The Hippy narrative*
  12. OF course in the end you become yourself*
  13. The Outlaw bible of American Poetry*
  14. Post Colonial Literature*
  15. Agnotology *
  16. Last night a dj saved my life
  17. Biocapital
  18. economics as Ideology
  19. unequal protection
  20. fight club
  21. in defence of american liberties: a history of the ACLU*
  22. Memory, History, Forgetting*
  23. Myth of the Robber Barrons
  25. intoducing Chomsky
  26. Library of shadows
  27. sorrows of empire
  28. the iron council