Friday, January 1, 2010

This is Your Future!

Welcome to A Wild Book Chase. Wild Book Chase (WBC) is a blog about books, the search for books, and the joys that come from finding just the right book. WBC will do a few things:

1) Our goal is to be mobile. Literature is all over the place, you just have to look. WBC aims to be where the written word is alive. We'll be traveling to a variety of book related locations from libraries to publisher's offices, and we'll writing about what and who we find.

2) WBC has a Twitter presence with blips about the latest book read, breaking publishing news, or just re-tweets from some of our favorite authors. You can check the Twitter feed at

3) Book reviews providing a lens on literature. We'll be reviewing books with our own take. Book reviews should be about why a book is good, as well as about why you should read it. Too many book reviews just summarize the plot. We aim to go further then just posting what we read from book jacket. We'll let you know what books are worth a look.

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy your stay, and keep reading.

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