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Egypt - Directory of Egypt Protests Resourcs

Are you a news junky hungering for actual news about Egypt faster than the main stream media can generate it? Tired of the talking heads who don’t understand the Arab street on the cable news networks? Complied below is a list of web resources drawn mainly from traditional news outlets. These will give you as good a real time view of what’s going on in Egypt as you’ll get. The Source list is largely real time live blogs from major news outlets. As a result the information is of varying quality. However, much of it will most likely be reported later once it’s been verified, or at least has a strong ring of truth to it. I complied this directory to provide people with a variety of ways to see what was happening and stay updated.

Live Blogs, and Updates

Egypt Live Blog Egypt Live Blog - Al Jazeera English

AJ is the premier Arabic news service. Analogous to the BBC or CNN in its heyday. AJE’s live blog is a phenomenal resources for consistent fairly reliable news. AJE uses a unique web address each time. The link above will change as I am able to get to it, but they can also be found on the main AJE site. Update: AJE is now using a different scheme for their live blog's web address. Hopefully this will provide a stable link for other websites to provide a stable link to.

Al Jazeera English Live

In the United States AJE is not available on cable in most places. It does however stream online for free. It’s become the source for many policy makers about Egypt. Also, AJE has a large archive of raw footage and reports under the CC license.

The Lede – NY Times.

The NY Times’s Lede blog has been doing an excellent job covering the situation in Egypt. Many of the sources here were found through the coverage of their live blog. It has fairly developed content with occasional context. While it has a unique web address for each day (the link above is for their generic blog address), the site has unique time indexed anchors, which make re-blogging, flagging, sharing or tweeting content from the site easy.

Wall Street Journal Dispatch - Egypt - The Wall Street Journal

The WSJ has a section of its site devoted to live updates. The content is similar to that of the Lede with less updates and slightly more depth.

Guardian News Blog - The Guardian The Guardians live blog of events in Egypt has been of phenomenal quality. It is a sub section of their news blog with a unique daily web adress (I've just linked to the news blog). The guardians blog mixes the depth of the WS journal blog with the timeliness of the Lede. The guardian‘s coverage Second only to perhaps the AJE blog of events unfolding in Egypt.

Egypt Unrest: Live Coverage - The BBC

For a truly multimedia experience of the events happening in Egypt. The site features a live stream and live blog, as well as easy access to the BBC’s world radio service streams. BBC is a high credibility source, and it’s doing its normal great coverage of Egypt.

Coverage of Upheaval in Egypt - Jerusalem Post

This isn't a live blog or updated nearly as much as I would like. I have included it primarily to add ideological balance. The English language Israeli press in general has been fairly pro-Mubarak. I'm just getting caught up on the JP's coverage, but they have a well earned reputation as a news organization. The link is to their coverage of the unrest in Egypt. Its made up mainly of full news articles with a sprinkling of editorials and opinion.


Speak2Tweet is a joint project between Google, SayNow, and Twitter. Speak2tweet is an international number that people can call into and leave a voice-mail message. The message is then recorded, uploaded to the web, and tweeted. It’s mostly in Arabic, however, there may be some English in there as well. All of the messages should be treated with some degree of caution as they are raw, and unchecked.

Global Voices Egypt Coverage - Global Voices

Global voices is an online distillation of posts, and articles from bloggers around the world. It’s coverage of Egypt has been of decent quality. However, it should be treated with some caution given the non-uniformed nature of its sources.

Live update from Egypt - Human Rights Watch

Human rights watch has several team members on the ground covering the situation in Egypt. HRW is a fairly credible independent human rights organization. And it’s staff members updates have been circulated and later included in printed reports.

Helpful links if you're in Egypt

It might save their lives -

This article was originally posted during the Green Movement's struggle in Iran. It's written by an anonymous police officer in the united state familiar with anti-riot tactics. While the analysis of the Basij no long applies, his advice about other anti-riot tactics is valuable.

Egypt Information Resources - Google Crisis

Google Crisis’s list of resources is a particularly good resource for those on the ground in Egypt. It including embassy numbers, airline numbers, the phone number of the military, ect. It also has a Google map embedded with basic (although slightly out of date) locations for protests, violence, ect.

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