Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Wild New Site


Recently I've been a bit absent from the blog while I've been working on somethings in the background. Some of those things haven't congealed yet, but I'm happy to announce that one of the has. I'm happy to announce that I have a new site, A Wild Book Chase.

A Wild Book Chase, represents a centralization of my web presence. Previously I've been blogging hear, and using a Wordpress site as a sort of show case site. With the launch of A Wild Book Chase, I have merged the two on a Drupal site. In addition to blogging and pointing out my own cleverness, I will also be posting a large section of my, Bibliography of Science Fiction Translated into English, and creating a  U.S. Government Information Pathfinder 2.0.

I may still post on this blog occasionally, using it as a laboratory to test my thoughts... then again, maybe it's time for a tumblr.

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