Tuesday, June 28, 2011

More Bibliography Madness

Two samples of completed citations from my Annotated Bibliography Draft

Bodin, Félix. The Novel Of The Future (Le roman de l'avenir, 1834). Translated by Brian Stableford. Encino, CA: Black Coat Press, 2008

Categories: Futurism, Adventure Stories, Social Science Fiction, Criticism

First published in 1834, The Novel Of The Future, was an obscure book until it was enshrined in the cannon of french science fiction in 1972. The book imagines the future in the last half of the 20th century. While Bodin’s technological predictions are limited by his time, his social predictions are much more accurate. Bodin’s incomplete novel (there was a second volume planned) is accompanied by several works of criticism, important in establishing the idea of Futurism. Black Coat Press’s reprint represents a significant push in popularizing this work, copies in the original French are purportedly hard to find. Stableford’s book is reviewed in SF Studies #108. It includes annotations, with an afterwords and an introduction by Stableford.

Briand, Mathieu and Foucard, Daniel. Ubïq : a mental odyssey (2008). Translated by Paul Buck & Catherine Petit. Paris: Dis Voir, 2008

Categories: Drugs, Pirates, Dystopia, Space Exploration, Consciousness, Ravers

Ubiq is an art book, whose postmodern narrative mirrors the effect of the drug that it talks about. It is disjointed and constantly slips through different time frames and narrative modes. The story title is a reference to the work by Philip K. Dick, and the themes in this book are largely explored in Dicks novel’s including mental illness, drug use, and consciousness. The book also features comics by Argentinian Daniele Riviere.

Caroff, André. The Terror of Madame Atomos. Translated by Brian Stableford. Encino, CA: Black Coat Press, 2010

Categories: Mad Scientists, Radioactivity, Giant Insects, Zombies

The Terror of Madame Atomos is a collection containing two novels; The Sinster Madame Atomos (La Sinistre Mme Atomos, 1964) and Madame Atmos Sows Terror (Mme Atomos Sème la Terreu, 1965) featuring the title character as well as an original short story by J.-M. Lofficier (“Madame Atmos X-Mas”, 2009). Madame Atomos is a mad scientist archetype, who seeks revenge on the United States for the death of her family. Swearing revenge for dropping of nuclear bombs on Japan, Madame Atomos unleashes Zombies in New York and Giant Spiders in Texas. She is opposed by an FBI agent, a scientist, and an agent of the Japanese secret police. Black Coat Press plans on releasing the entire Madame Atomos series in 9 omnibus volumes.

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